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Danish Windmills

Denmark has an old tradition for using wind to treat the agricultural produce, as well as windmill power production.

[Lumsås Mølle]

The mill at Lumsås is a fine example of a still working windmill, located at the Northern side of Zealand.

[Rørvig Mølle]

Likewize, the windmill at Rørvig is still working, and adorning the landscape.

[The Windmill At the Kastellet Fortress]

The windmill was also used as part of the Kastellet fortress, to make the fortress self-sufficient.

[Lille Egebjerg Mølle]

The windmill at Lille Egebjerg is also a fully functioning windmill - it is owned and operated by a mill builder, who helps keeping the mill building tradition alive.

[Miniature windmill at Højby]

The windmills have had a great impact on the lives of everybody. In this case, they have inspired someone to put "their own windmill" in front of their house, just next to Højby Station. Note how it is decorated with fine, similar sea shells.

[The Modern power producing windmills at Avedøre]

Today we use the windmills primarily to produce power. Denmark is a World leading producer of windmills, led by the Vestas windmill manufacturer, but with other purposes in mind.

This windmill farm is located next to a coal powered power plant at Avedøre South of Copenhagen, and basically symbolizes the wish to produce the needed energy through "natural" means such as windmill power, rather than through burning coal and releasing carbondioxide, CO2.

[The Windmill farm outside Copenhagen Harbor]

When sailing to or from Copenhagen, and when landing at Copenhagen Airport, you may very well be greeted by the image of the sea windmill farm with 20 windmills just outside Copenhagen Harbor at the shallow area of Middelgrunden. Each windmill has a height of 64 meters and a rotor diameter of 76 meters. Each turbine has a capacity of 2Mw. The power generated is used to supply Copenhagen with environmentally friendly electricity.



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