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As of November 22nd., 1999, Copenhagen Pictures has a WAP service available for visitors to Copenhagen, Denmark, carrying a WAP enabled cellular phone or WAP accessory.

If you are not familiar with the concept, WAP is basically a rather crude WWW-browser, called a micro-browser, with fewer capabilities. The micro-browser is built into eg. a cellular phone. However, it allows users to access information, and at some places even pay bills directly, using a WAP device.

The Copenhagen Pictures WAP service contains information that is relevant for travelers to Copenhagen, Denmark: Tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, tourism offices, emergency numbers, phone listing, transportation, credit card cancellation numbers and so on. Please be aware that the restaurants and hotels mentioned are ones usually preferred by business travellers. If you are on a more limited budget, you might want to use the phone number mentioned under Wonderful Copenhagen for hotel bookings.

Those of the WAP devices that support the direct dialing capability, can dial the listed phone numbers directly from the WAP link in the phone, so you don't have to write the number down and then dial it - it's all done directly from the WAP device.

You can find the WAP service at the address: - please don't attempt to access this address using a WWW-browser, like the one you are probably seeing this with right now, as it is not compatible, and you will not be able to do this successfully.

How to set up your WAP phone with Danish settings


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When you click on the "Go" button, you search the updated list of Wireless hotspots in Copenhagen. The search opens a new window with the results.

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