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Tivoli Gardens by Day and Night

[Tivoli Gardens main entrance seen from within]

When a man named Georg Carstensen opened an area of the old Copenhagen fortifications at the edge of Copenhagen as an amusement park in 1843, he probably had no idea what kind of an entertainment success he was creating. Since then, more than 280 million people have visited the Tivoli Gardens.

[The Pantomime Theatre is one of the main landmarks of Tivoli]

Today, Tivoli is centrally located right between the Central Station and the Town Hall Square at the edge of downtown Copenhagen, and is visited by virtually every tourist visiting Copenhagen when it's open. Tivoli generally follows an oriental/asian theme, although a few recent additions like the Valhalla restaurant have broken with that tradition.

[The flowers and colors of Tivoli]

What is Tivoli Gardens? As its name brother in Italy South of Rome, it is a garden full of beautiful flowers that bloom here by the hundred thousands, and most of the trees have been in residence since the opening of the Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli is for all ages, not only kids - couples enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the grey gold enjoy the quiet Tivoli Gardens areas and restaurants and its wealth of flowers.

[The Nimb - one of the many colorful restaurants in Tivoli]

Tivoli is a place of lights and illumination, which makes Tivoli a very special place to visit once it gets dark. You have to go to Tivoli twice (or for a while) to experience both Tivoli atmospheres: In the daytime the abundance of flowers and the beautiful buildings, in the night time the many lights and an atmosphere that could be taken directly from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

[The ship is a newer addition to the restaurants of Tivoli]

A visible remnant of the old Copenhagen fortification is the Tivoli lake, which used to be part of the moat in front of the Copenhagen city wall. Today, gold fish, koi carps and ducks share this tranquil water, which has water added from as different sources as a watermill and a Japanese brook - both enhancing the tranquil atmosphere of Tivoli.


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