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Tivoli Gardens At Christmas

Visiting Tivoli Gardens at Christmas time is a unique experience. Kids visit Santa Claus, young couples enjoy the romance of the Tivoli Gardens and senior citizens sit at benches, cafes and restaurants around the gardens enjoying the life and bustle.

[The Tivoli Gardens main entrance at night during Christmas]

The Tivoli Gardens main entrance is decorated and bring the visitors in the Christmas spirit right away. You feel the atmosphere immediately when entering Tivoli.

[Stalls along the paths in Tivoli Gardens at Christmas]

During Christmas season stalls are set up throughout Tivoli, offering tree decorations, Christmas gifts and food and beverages like Gløgg, warm red wine with almond splinters and raisins seasoned with cinnamon and Rum or Cognac, as well as hot chocolate.

[Children can sit with Santa Claus in his Sledge and tell what they wish for Christmas]

Santa Claus comes to Tivoli with his sledge and reindeer and set up camp on the main stage where kids and their parents can come sith with Santa in his sledge and tell him what they want for Christmas.

[The building between the main stage and the fountains contains many animated Christmas tableaux]

Next to the main stage inside the seasonal hall, all kinds of animated tableaux of leprechauns can be enjoyed and are enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups alike. These sceneries are a old Tivoli tradition.

[The Christmas Tree, the caroussel and Tivoli Concert Hall]

The Christmas Tree is put up at what is the Tivoli fountains during Summer season, lovely decorated with lights, and the large chestnut trees next to it have illuminated hearts hanging from their branches.

[The Chinese Tower and the Tivoli Lake at night]

The Chinese Tower next to the Tivoli Lake is beautiful throughout the seasons, but if you look closely when visiting you'll see small artificial icebergs in the boat ride part of the lake, safe from any Titanic repeats for people sailing on the lake.


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