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[Rundetaarn seen from the corner of Købmagergade and Krystalstræde in Copenhagen]

Rundetaarn, Rundetårn or Round Tower was built in 1642 as part of a 3-in-1 facility for Copenhagen University: Observatory (Round Tower), church for the students (Trinitatis Church) and university library on the upper level above the church.

[The text and decorations on the front of Rundetaarn in Copenhagen]

The text on the front of Rundetaarn is a rebus by the king who built it, King Chriatian IV, and says: "Lead God, the right teaching and justice into the heart of the crowned King Christian IV, 1642"

[The only way up to the top of Rundetaarn is this walkway]

The spiral walkway is 209 meters long and winds around inside Rundetaaarn seven and a half times from the front door past the different levels and up to the platform 34.8 meters up.

[The observatory at the top of Rundetaarn is fully functional and still in use by Copenhagen University]

The cupola at the top of Rundetaarn contains what is Europe's oldest functioning observatory, available to students at Copenhagen University and others who may have an interest in using it, usually in the dark winter months.

[The is the look partly over the fence around the walkway at the top]

The wrought-iron lattice around the top of Rundetaarn is a year younger than Rundetaarn itself, and is from 1643. This picture shows the view when holding a camera up high and photographing West.

It is Krystalgade to the right, the cooling units on the roof in the middle are on the Main Copenhagen Municipal Library and top left is a bit of the wall of Copenhagen Cathedral, Vor Frue Kirke.

[A view from Rundetaarn including Illum Department Store, Nikolaj Church spire and the Öresundsbron bridge in the background]

The view from Rundetaarn is spectacular. This is the direction towards Nikolaj Church tower, All Saints Church and just to the left of the tower, The Öresundsbron Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmoe in Sweden.



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