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Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle or Rosenborg Slot in Danish is a little castle within easy walking distance of Nørreport S-train station at the North edge of Downtown Copenhagen.

[Rosenborg Castle seen from the Rose Garden in The Royal Garden in Copenhagen]

Rosenborg Castle was begun in 1606-1607, when King Christian IV decided to build a summer house in the King's Garden at the outskirts of medieval Copenhagen next to the Northern Copenhagen fortifications.

[Rosenborg Castle seen from the Southwest across the moat in Copenhagen]

Rosenborg Castle is built in Dutch Renaissance style like many other buildings built at the time in Copenhagen, of red brick with sandstone decorations.

[The South bridge across the moat to Rosenborg Castle]

King Christian IV is often referred to as The Builder Of Copenhagen because he started numerous building projects in Copenhagen During his reign (1596 - 1648).

Rosenborg Castle was very personal to him, as he took part in the design of the castle and used it as his Copenhagen residence when he wasn't staying at Fredensborg Castle up North which was his official residence.

[The Entrance building into Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark]

The gate tower with a draw bridge was built in 1611. The moat at the North side of Rosenborg Castle has been filled up again since then and today covers the three remaining sides. This is the main entrance into Rosenborg Castle and houses the ticket office and museum shop.

[The main spire on Rosenborg Castle]

The Great Tower was built in 1616 and Rosenborg Castle was finished in its present design in 1624.

[Rosenborg Castle seen from Southeast across the moat]

The castle and the vault with the Danish crown jewels in the cellar are both open to the public. Both are entered from the East side of Rosenborg Castle. Note the little red guard house - Rosenborg Castle is guarded by the same Royal Life Guard soldiers that guard The Queen, but the soldiers wear regular army uniforms when guarding Rosenborg Castle.



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