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Queen Margrethe the Second's 67th. Birthday

This page is a quick pictureshow of the day's appearance of the Queen and family on her 67th. birthday on April 16th, 2007.

[The crowd in front of Amalienborg]

The crowds have gathered at Amalienborg Slotsplads at noon, April 16th 2007, to celebrate the 67th birthday of Queen Margrethe II.

[The crowd seen closer up]

The Royal Family appears on the balcony, and the flagwaving begins.

[The Royal Family waving at the crowd]

The Royal Family on the balcony. From left: Crownprincess Mary, Crownprince Frederik with Prince Christian on his arm, Queen Margrethe II, Prince Consort Henrik, Prince Joachim, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai.

[The Royal Guard in front of Amalienborg]

The Royal Guard does the change of the guard. Note the red coat and the blue pants, the galla uniform of the Royal Guard.

[Closeup of a section of the Royal Guard]

[The Royal Guard lineup at the Queens birthday]


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