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Øresundsbron Bridge

The Øresundsbron Bridge between Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden has made going between the Danish capital and Skåne in Southern Sweden much easier since it was opened in 2000.

[The Öresundsbron Bridge across the Øresund sound]

Before the bridge, you had to go by ferry between Denmark and Sweden, which meant a considerable waiting and travelling time between both countries. Now with the bridge you get on the highway in Copenhagen, drive for about 50 kilometers or 31 miles and you're in Malmö, the regional capital of Skaane in Sweden. This has effectively turned Malmö and the Skåne region into part of the Copenhagen suburban area.

[The Øresundsbroen bridge with a ferry passing below]

The Øresundsbron Bridge is both a car and train bridge, with the train tracks running on a level below the cars. The train tracks go by a station below the Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup, making it easier for Swedes to go to Copenhagen Airport rather than Sturup Airport in Skåne or Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm in Sweden.

The pylons are 204 meters high, the bridge between the pylons is 490 meters wide and the clearance between water and the bottom of the bridge is 57 meters.

[The Øresundsbron bridge seen from West]

The easy drive to Sweden and the lower cost of Swedish houses has made it interesting for Danes to move to the Malmoe area and live there. And the historically low unemployment rate in Denmark has given Swedes access to well paid jobs in the Copenhagen area. When you go shopping in Copenhagen it's not uncommon to be served by a Swede.

[A plane landing at Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup, passing close by the Öresundsbron bridge]

The Øresundsbron Bridge is not as short as it could have been built. It's because of its closeness to Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup. For safety reasons, the bridge pylons are considerably further South than they would have been without the airport where it is. When you're flying to Copenhagen and Kastrup Airport (CPH) and you get a window seat in the left side of the plane, you'll get a great view of the Øresundsbron Bridge.

[The Öresundsbron Bridge pylons and cables closer up]

When you sail through the Øresund sound heading North you'll sail under the Øresundsbron Bridge. If you're going South you'll keep West in the sound, going above the other half of the Øresund Sound Connection, the World's longest submerged tunnel, for both cars and trains. The transition between tunnel and bridge happens on the artificially built island Peberholmen. The tunnel is 4 kilometers long, the Peberholmen crossing is 4 kilometers long and the Øresundsbron Bridge crossing is 8 kilometers long, making the crossing 16 kilometers or 10 miles long.

[The Öresundsbron or Oeresundsbron or Oeresundsbron or Øresundsbroen bridge seen from Rundetårn in downtown Copenhagen]

This view of the Øresund Bridge is from the top of the Rundetaarn Observatory in Downtown Copenhagen. The glass and white frames roof is the top of the Illum Department Store, the closest tower is the Nikolaj Church tower and the next tower with the golden trimmings is the Church Of Our Saviour's tower on Christianshavn. Behind it all of the Øresund Bridge with a landing plane just above the Eastern pylons.



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