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Langelinje - The Cruise Harbor

The Northeastern quay of Copenhagen Harbor is called Langelinje, or the older Langelinie, which means long line. This refers to its long, straight design. Langelinje is the most visited cruise harbor in Europe. Copenhagen was voted the Worlds Leading Cruise Harbor and Europe's Leading Cruise Destination at the 2005 World Travel Awards. The Copenhagen Harbor has a unique location for cruises into the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia, and Copenhagen Airport is among the Worlds' best, with excellent connections between airport and Langelinje.

[Langelinje - cruise ships, and the Danish royal yacht, seen from Cafe Thorsen on Holmen]

At Langelinje you'll find several restaurants, a tourist information, pay and card phones and shops dealing in rather upscale Danish goods. The Little Mermaid is only a few hundred meters South of the South end of Langelinje (the ice bear monument) - follow the path along the water's edge, except when you have to go around the yacht harbor.

[Langelinie - Northern part with Odysseus and Deutschland at quay]

Langelinje was originally built in 1433 as a cannon position, intended for the defence of Copenhagen toward the sea. King Christian IV expanded it, along with 2 other dams, in connection with the construction of the fortress Kastellet in 1462-64. At that time, it was called "The Long Line", and was equipped with 18 cannons. They were in use in 1807, when Admiral Nelson came calling again. In 1848 it was opened to public access.

In 1894 - 1900 the harbor area was repartitioned into The Free Harbor, Langelinje Quay and the yacht harbor - the layout we know today.

[Langelinie - Southern section, looking towards Holmen]

The above picture is packed with notable sights. The ice bear monument bottom left was erected in 1937, and depicts an ice bear with its 2 cubs on an ice flake. It was a gift of the harbor authorities and symbolizes Greenland, Denmarks Northernmost part. The monument was made by Holger Wederkinck. Across the water from left you can spot "Silhuetten", the old navy ships' mast crane, a rather loud environmental ship, the 3 masts of the square rigger Mads Stage and the Danish royal family's yacht Dannebrog.

[Langelinie seen from North]

This is Langelinje from its Northernmost point, with the cruise ship Silver Cloud at the quay.

[Ships sailing out of Copenhagen Harbor]

The cruise ship Seven Seas Voyager is heading North out of the Copenhagen Harbor, followed by the daily ferry to Oslo, Norway seen under the bow of The Silver Cloud.



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