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Getting from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Copenhagen

The Arrival area in Copenhagen Airport, CPH

When arriving at Copenhagen Airport, CPH, you have several choices when going to downtown Copenhagen. The choices are listed here in the recommended order - the lower the option, the longer it takes to get to downtown Copenhagen and/or the more expensive it is. Going to Langelinje and the cruiseships takes a bit longer and will cost a bit more if you don't take the train, as it is located Northeast of downtown Copenhagen and CPH is South of the city center.


The M2 Metro line leaves from the Metro Station in Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport. The trip from CPH to Kongens Nytorv in downtown Copenhagen takes 15 minutes. The ticket can be bought at automats or at the train counter in Terminal 3. The trip between CPH and downtown Copenhagen covers 3 zones and costs DKK34.50 (app. €4 or $5). The Metro leaves every 4-6 minutes depending on the time of day, around the clock.


Trains leave from CPH to Copenhagen Central Station every 20 minutes (04, 24, 44 or 4 minutes past the hour, 24 minutes past the hour and 44 minutes past the hour), and the journey takes 30 minutes. When you exit the customs area, continue straight ahead until you're about to bump into a counter. That's the ticket counter where you buy the train ticket. A one way ticket to travel 3 zones costs DKK34.50. After getting your ticket, go to the rolling stairs down to the train platform on either side of the ticket counter. Make sure you go to the platform from which trains go to Copenhagen, not Malmoe in Sweden. If you are going to the Langelinje cruise harbour then take the train past Copenhagen Central Station for another 2 stops to Østerport Station (the ticket price is the same). You could walk the remaining 500 meters from there, but a taxi is probably a good idea.

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CPH, Copenhagen Airport

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Getting to Copenhagen Central Station using public transport CPH to Copenhagen using public transport


Public Transport

Copenhagen Taxi Booking:

+45 70 338 338
+45 70 25 25 25
+45 38 77 77 77
+45 35 35 35 35

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When leaving the customs area, turn right and go through a rotating door, and you are at the taxi area. An attendant will tell you what taxi to get into. The journey to Copenhagen will cost from DKK220 and up going to the Town Hall Square, and travel time will be from 20 minutes and up - especially during rush hours! In the hours between 07.00 and 10.00 and again between 14.00 and 18.00 you will probably get to downtown Copenhagen faster by taking a train. If you are going directly to a cruiseship at Langelinje then this is your best option. A tip for the driver is included in the fare price, but it is customary to round up to the next higher amount dividable by 10, or an extra DKK10 or DKK20 if you pay using a credit card. Tell the taxi driver that you will be paying using a credit card when you get in, and give it to him so he can validate it. An oddity: in Copenhagen most taxis are called Taxa, not Taxi.

Renting a car

When exiting the customs area, take a sharp left and into the corridor leading to Terminal 2. The car rental booths are in the corridor. Note that navigating Copenhagen by car can be quite difficult, even when using a gps. The most problematic thing is parking a car in downtown Copenhagen. Even if you actually find a parking spot, you will have to pay DKK25 per hour for the privilege of parking, and you can't buy a parking ticket costing more than DKK70 each time. The new dark blue parking ticket automats do accept credit cards. If you end up parking near one of the older metal colored ones, you will only be able to pay using coins, so you need to make sure you have enough coins for parking overnight before driving into Copenhagen (get 20 kroner coins). If possible, find a bank in the airport transit area before you pick up your luggage and get coins there.


Bus lines 12,30, 36 and 250S leave from the airport. If you have a choice, take the 250S as it stops at fewer stops on its way to Copenhagen. Unless you are going to a location close to a stop on one of these routes, consider taking the train instead as it is much faster. The price is the same as for the train, DKK34.50.

Being picked up

If you are being picked up then you go to the left when exiting the customs area, and through the rotating door. Outside you are right at the pickup area and the short term parking. If you have a mobile GSM or UMTS phone then consider bringing it - almost every Dane has one, and coordinating a pickup is much easier when calling or using text or sms messages.




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