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If you are looking for specific tourism information, contact Visitcopenhagen at their home page or mail them - Visitcopenhagen is the official Copenhagen tourism organization, and they are paid to answer your questions concerning where to stay and go, prices, opening hours and so on.

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In order to avoid overexposure of photos and content, everybody is turned down - no exceptions! - so don't ask. A case of commercial use of the contents of this page is currently under litigation, and frankly not appreciated. Everybody is welcome to have a link to Copenhagen Pictures, but using pictures, text and layout is not permitted, and will in all cases be prosecuted.


This page was first made public on the World Wide Web on June 1, 1996. The feedback from visitors since then has been most heartwarming. Your opinions, comments and suggestions are very much welcome and appreciated.

Requests and information

Quite a few mails are received regarding very specific information on tourist sites. Please do not expect too much in this regard - there is only so much time and so many ressources available. If the time and funding is there, you will receive a reply. At one time a mail was received from an American school girl who wanted to have photographs of all sides of Grundtvigskirken taken and sent to her - Grundtvigskirken is a large, yellow brick church in Northern Copenhagen - because she needed them for a school paper. This kind of request is normally turned down. The same decision was made when an architectural student wanted all the inside of a church in Søborg, drawn by the architect Jørgen Utzon, best known for creating the Sydney Opera House, photographed. Where possible, a reply with a link to a home page containing the requested information will be sent, but as mentioned - don't expect too much in this regard. If you want a swift response regarding Copenhagen, mail Visitcopenhagen, the official Copenhagen tourist organization.


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