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North of Frederiksstad

Moving North from The Royal Castle Amalienborg towards Langelinje and The Little Mermaid, you come to Copenhagen's largest monument - the Gefion Fountain. It is not only a great sight, but also commonly used as a wishing well, as the many coins at the bottom of the basin indicate.

[The Gefion Fountain]

Created in 1908, the Gefion Fountain marks the Southern boundary of Langelinje, the Northern (cruise) harbor. The Gefion Fountain depicts an ancient legend telling how Zealand (the isle on whose East coast Copenhagen lies) came into existence.

[Goddess and sons creating Zealand]

It is told that the goddess Gefion was given permission by the Swedish King Gylfe to plow an area in Sweden, and the land she managed to plow within one day and one night, she could use in any way she wanted.

In order to get the most out of the opportunity she turned her four sons into oxen and put them in front of a great plough, and off they went.

[Goddess and sons close up]

After that one day and one night was over, they had managed to get the earth needed to create the island of Zealand (on which Copenhagen is situated) in its present size. Where the earth was taken, the lake Vänern lies today. (Its shape is somewhat like that of Zealand.) All the earth Gefion put into Øresund, and lo and behold: Zealand rose out of the sound.

[Saint Albans Church - the English church in Copenhagen]

Next to the Gefion Fountain you find the English church in Copenhagen, called Saint Alban's Church, built in 1885-87. Make sure you take the time to admire the glass windows.

[Denmark's youngest self-produced armored car]

To the Southwest of the English church is the Danish Freedom Museum, which primarily deals with World War 2 and what took place in Denmark from 1939 to 1945. One of the largest exhibits is the probably newest Danish-produced armored car, which was put together covertly during the last days of the German occupation, and helped persuade the last German troops to surrender.


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