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Frederiksborg Castle

[Frederiksborg Castle seen from South West]

The history of Frederiksborg Castle really began in the 16th. century. In 1560 King Frederik II took over the manor "Hillerødsholm", and turned it into a hunting seat. This stimulated the growth of the neighbouring village of Hillerød, not least when King Christian IV in 1599 began the construction of Frederiksborg Castle. The castle - now in Dutch renaissance style - was finished in 1615.

[The Neptune Fountain in the outer castle yard]

The castle was built on 3 small islands. The medieval part, from the hunting seat, on the central island, and the renaissance part on the outer one. In addition, you find the audience hall, along with the "coin gate" and the large gate tower.

[The Castle Moat - actually part of the lake surrounding the 3 islands]

Frederiksborg Castle did not since remain as important to the royal family as it was to King Christian IV. This led to a degree of neglect, which culminated in a fire in 1859, after which the restoration of the castle was done by private means.

The inner redecoration was paid for by the Carlsberg Foundation, set up by brewer J. C. Jacobsen (Carlsberg Breweries), on the condition that the castle was turned into a national museum.

[The castle garden made in French style]

In 1885 Frederiksborg Castle was re-opened, and today it is the national portrait gallery. You find paintings of members of the royal families since the 16th. century, as well as great Danish personalities up to today. In addition to the paintings, you can find a great deal of historic furniture as well as other objects of historical value.

[The inner court of Frederiksborg Castle]

When you visit Frederiksborg Castle, make sure you visit the castle chapel. Here you find a gallery of coats of arms and the famous Compenius organ from 1610.


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