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Dyrehaven - The Royal Hunting Ground And Park

Dyrehaven North of Copenhagen in Klampenborg is a Royal hunting ground and today a popular recreational area for activities like picnics and animal watching. Dyrehaven is a beautiful mixture of grassy areas and forest.

[The plain next to Eremitageslottet in Klampenborg]

Dyrehaven, or Jægersborg Dyrehave, is visited by 7.5 million people every year, coming to enjoy both fauna and flora. The 2,000 deer in the park are easily found and an important part of the experience.

[A stag in Dyrehaven standing in position]

It was King Frederik III who in 1669 decided to fence in an area North of Copenhagen with rolling hills and woods, have a lot of deer driven into the area and make it a royal hunting ground for the next almost 100 years until Dyrehaven was opened to the general public in 1756.

[The Eremitageslottet hunting castle in Dyrehaven in the evening sun]

No royal hunting ground without a place where the King could spend the night. Eremitageslottet or The Eremitage Castle was built at one of the highest spots in Dyrehaven next to the plain where many deer graze.

[A deer in the undergrowth in Dyrehaven in Klampenborg]

You don't have to go to the plain to find deer - they are scattered throughout Dyrehaven and feed off the grass and undergrowth.

Deer lose their antlers in March or April and begin scraping the skin off of their new antlers in August, so you won't see the impressive antlers during the summer months.

[People watching hinds watching people in Dyrehaven]

The deer are always alert and looking for animals of prey, and when they feel threatened they look in the direction of what they consider a threat - in this case a couple of humans. The visitors are doing the right thing by watching the hinds from a distance, but whenever a deer is watching a potential threat, it is being stressed. A rule of thumb is to always stay on the paths.

[A jogger going past a stag in the forest in Dyrehaven]

Visitors to Dyrehaven are asked not to feed the animals or in any way make the animals so tame that they are no longer scared of humans. If a deer becomes tame the game wardens will shoot it because although it might be tame it is a big animal and can unintentionally cause a lot of harm to humans.

[Stags fighting to establish dominance in Dyrehaven]

In September and October Dyrehaven is the scene of fights between stags to decide dominance and who gets to breed with the hinds. This is a time when it's especially important to keep distance to the stags and deer. It is an impressive sight to watch such magnificent animals fight, but unfortunate if you inadvertently become part of such a fight.

[The Red Gate that symbolizes the entry into a Royal hunting park like Dyrehaven]

The Red Gate is found at all the entrances to Dyrehaven and to this day bear the insignia of the king, or currently the Queen. This particular entrance is right next to the Klampenborg S-train Station, making it very easy to get from Copenhagen to Dyrehaven and back.



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