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Dragør or Dragoer is a small fishing village on the Southeastern side of the island of Amager, a few kilometers South of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport at the sound of Øresund.

[A narrow street in Dragør]

For centuries Dragør was a small isolated fishing village far away from the capital of Copenhagen, and its inhabitants lived a simple, isolated life based around the Øresund sound and fishery.

[A rose covered garden wall in Dragør]

Today Dragør is mostly inhabited by affluent people who take a lot of pride in their local community and keeping the village very much as it has been for many, many years.

[A street in Dragør fishing village]

The streets in Dragør are narrow and it is not allowed anybody but the local residents to drive inside the old part of town.

[A water pump - what used to be part of the local water supply]

Running water was not always available in Dragør. The population was poor and both geographically and mentally very far away from Copenhagen.

Water pumps and local wells were the only way to get fresh water.

[One of the larger, typically yellow, houses in Dragør]

Houses in Old Dragør are generally very small by todays' standard. This, albeit typically yellow, house close to the harbour is untypically large by Dragør measures.

[The leisure section of Dragør Harbour]

Dragør Harbour has both a fishing and a leisure section. Today the leisure section is considerably larger than the fishing section of the harbour, as many sailing in Øresund and around Denmark make a stop in Dragør.

[The observation tower in Dragør Harbor]

Fishing boats went out to catch the herring which were very abundant in Øresund in past centuries. However, Øresund did not allow all fishermen to return to the harbour - many lives were lost in the waves. The observation tower was used by the pilots that assisted and still assist ships today in getting past the Drogden low water area close to Dragør. Today Dragør is a much safer and quieter place.



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