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Views from the greater Copenhagen area

Outside the immediate perimeter of Copenhagen city there are a lot of interesting places worth a visit.

[Bellevue Beach North of Copenhagen]

At the coast of Øresund, in Klampenborg, you find the most popular beach in the Copenhagen area - Bellevue. Like about all of the Danish beaches, it holds the prestigious "Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe" Blue Flag, signaling that the bathing water here is of the highest quality. And each spring, fresh sand is spread on top of the "old" sand in order to make visits a nearto perfect experience. If you are of a more puritan frame of mind, be advised that it is quite normal for women (well - everybody, really) to be topless when on the beach. That goes for all beaches in Denmark.

[Fishing boats within the city vincinity]

A peculiarity of Copenhagen is also the fact that you find the typical Danish fishing vessels as close as 3-4 kilometers from the city center. The ones above are from the harbor of Dragør, just South of the airport (note the smokehouse chimneys in the background to the right), but just North of Frihavnen in Østerbro (Eastbridge), you find a brand new commercial fishing harbor.

[Louisiana - contemporary art museum]

In Humlebæk, on the coast road going North, you find one of the most renowned museums of contemporary art - Louisiana. If you are just the least bit interested in contemporary art, go there! When you go there, be sure to visit the panorama room in the Southeastern corner, for a view created by nature rather than man, as is the case in the rest of the museum.

[Øresundsbron between Copenhagen and Sweden]

Øresundsbron, which connects Copenhagen and Denmark with Malmoe and Sweden, opened for traffic on July 1, 2000. It has become a great integrator of the whole Øresund region.

In 2004, 11,800 vehicles crossed the bridge every day. For tourists, this means that single day excursions from Copenhagen to Malmoe, Lund, the Foteviken working viking museum and other Swedish attractions are now easily available.

[Danish corn field (no - not maize!)]

One of the more common prejudices about Denmark is that the economy is solely an "Eggs and bacon" economy. Agreed, you still easily find corn fields (and also some maize fields...) even close to Copenhagen, but Denmark also has some industries that are among the world leaders, like Novo Nordisk (Insulin, enzymes), LEGO (toys) and Carlsberg (beverages). The agricultural aspect has its advantages - Denmark's trade balance with Japan is positive because of the Danish pork export.

[Danes love their country and identify with their work]

Today you find a lot of small companies in Denmark that take a very fair share of international niche markets. 77% of all Danish industrial companies have between 0 and 19 employees, as Danes believe that small is beautiful. Yet Denmark, with its 5 mill. inhabitants has a 1.4% market share of the World market. Could this be considered proof that small is beautiful, also from an economical point of view?

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