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Kongens Nytorv And The Harbor Area

[Kongens Nytorv]

On the other side of downtown Copenhagen, you find one of Copenhagen's most popular squares - Kongens Nytorv. Every spring, graduating high school students come and dance around the equestrian statue of King Christian V from 1688 in one of Denmark's oldest educational traditions, celebrating their graduation.

[The Anchor - remembering Danish sailors lost at sea.]

Next to Kongens Nytorv you find The Anchor - a large ship's anchor which commemorates all the Danish sailors lost at sea during the Second World War. The Anchor is also the boundary between Kongens Nytorv and the oldest part of Copenhagen Harbor called Nyhavn, today one of the prime recreational areas in Copenhagen.

[Amaliehaven is the newest park in Copenhagen]

Thanks to the then head of a major Danish shipping corporation, Copenhagen was given a new park a few years back. Located a 5 minute walk North of Nyhavn, and right next to the Royal Castle Amalienborg, it is one of the parks tourists invariably visit, simply because it's located next to some the major sites in Copenhagen.

[The Three Sites view]

Amaliehaven is located so that when standing at the right spot, you see the Amaliehaven fountain, Amalienborg - royal castle and winter home of the Danish Queen - and Frederiks Church, also known as Marmorkirken or The Marble Church, at one glance. The tour boats now make a stop in the harbor at the quay so you can get this shot yourself from the water.

[Amaliehaven's waterfront]

In the opposite direction you find Amaliehaven's waterfront to the Copenhagen Harbor.

The waterfront is a popular promenade for locals and tourists alike. It offers a great view of the harbor and the Opera House just across the water.

[The old naval base across the harbor]

Across the harbor you also see the old naval base Holmen that only recently ceased being a restricted area and was opened to the general public, except for a small area, which adds its own style and character to the harbor. [Picture note]

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